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We explore well-qualified technicians according to our Clients aspects who are resolute, collaborating, and quality oriented. There are approximately 30.000 technicians in our database who have university or college degrees and can speak foreign languages such as mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, information specialists, service engineers, technical managers and quality assurance specialists, economists, controllers for whom your job offers can mean a career opportunity who are

Partners for your success.


We carry out technician selection who are having a university or college degree and speaking foreign languages according to the requirements of our Clients and we offer a comprehensive HR service connected with it.

We approach, inform, and motivate the candidates – in fact we negotiate on behalf of our Clients about the particular position. We believe the information about the professional experience and personality of the candidates can be of vital importance for finding the proper specialists. We place these pieces of information in a fast and discrete way at our Clients disposal.

Online Recruitment

Job advertisement with the pre-screening of CVs

Getting advantage of our nearly two decades of experience and database you can easily access our pre-screened candidates. Two in one: Besides the job adverts you can also get a modern selection service.

Do not hesitate to call us if,

  • you immediately need new candidates
  • you are discarded by the CVs, need help in selection
  • you have time to deal with only the best candidates
  • you do not want to let others know you are looking for a new candidate
  • only a few talented candidates applied
  • HR services are under a budget-restricted regulation


Our company have organized trainings for more than 10 years for its Clients. Our trainings are based on the idea of empirical learning. The participants can actively acquire the content of the sessions where responsibility and commitment is a basic condition for their development.

These sessions are grounded on working in couples or even in teams.

  • Empirical learning
  • Various methodologies
  • Presentations, individual and small-group tasks
  • Pragmatic approach
  • Immediately applicable techniques
  • Supporting the development of individual
  • To increase the efficiency of team spirit and teamwork

We experienced, that the quality of the relationships among people greatly influence the efficiency of the work more particularly in those fields, where the scope of the work is about the people themselves. With the help of the appropriate means it can be achieved, that different people can also cooperate effectively with each other.

Trainings for the managers, middle managers, employees in the following fields:

  1. Co-operation, teamwork development
  2. Assertive communication
  3. Negotiation techniques
  4. Time-management
  5. Human knowledge, self-awareness
  6. Basics of management
  7. Leadership skills development
  8. Techniques of presentation
  9. Successful sales techniques
  10. Professional customer care
  11. Team building, outdoor training
  12. Conflict resolution


About Coaching

It takes into consideration the present state of affairs, and building from the present state for the achievement of the target.

The question of "how" is in the middle of the scope.

The aim of the coaching is the development of the personal strengths, skills and the abolition of the conflict resolution jams, successful adaptation to change, and to facilitate the rapid progress of the issue of the stress management.

Coaching helps you if,

you are a newly appointed leader and you successfully want to meet the requirements of your role,

you want to be a better leader,

you want to move forward in the area of delegation,

you are stucked in solving a case,

facing with new challenge in your workplace,

you want the time spent with workingto be more effecive,

improve yourself in communication, the self-assertion

you want to harmonize your work and personal life.

Coaching is incredibly successful and cost-effecive self-developing technique which objectives, process, duration, resource requirements are both transparent and controllable.

The process of the coaching usually involves 6-10 coach meeting, which means 1 – 1,5 hours meeting per week. The objective of the coaching is that, what cannot be seen from inside, can be seen by "outside eyes".


The A-Credit 2000 Management Consulting Ltd. since it’s foundation performed outplacement services with a great success. During this period, nearly 300 candidates turned out to be sucessful job seekers as well as we helped for more than 5 multinational companies making the job cuts humane and legaland professional due to the current economic environment.

In the outplacement program the following areas are included for the companies:

  • humane, fair redundancy package of additional elements
  • economical, legal professional layoffs
  • preservation of the prestige of the company
  • maintaining good relations with former employees

Benefits for the employees:

  • means for a sucessful job search: resume writing, situational exercises
  • mapping of open jobs
  • trial interviews
  • Follow-up by the search of qualified consultants 

Steps of the outplacement program:

  1. plan of the downsizing process
  2. Preparation of the managers involved in the transfer and termination of communication of the dismissals
  3. Training for the dismissed workers
  4. Follow-up of dismissed workers
  5. Individual coaching for managers

      Tests, AC

      Tests used for the selection
      • Testing according to the Consignor’s requirements
        (ex. Kersey-test, Myers-Brigg questionnaire kérdőív, assertivity, language check-up, psychological tests)
      • Suitability tests
      • Assessment Center

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